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New project in Cherepovets

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New project in Cherepovets 31.12.2012 22:33

   A new construction site of the Cherepovets state district CHP plant unit No.4 was declared open on November15, 2012.

  Cherepovets CHP plant is located in Kaduy community of Vologda Oblast’ 50 km to the west from the town of Cherepovets. The plant’s capacity is 630 MW.

The construction is invested and hosted by “OGK-Investproject” LLC.

   Our company performs construction of the following facilities:

1. The camera switches No.1

2. Circulating water pump house

3. Main building. Turbine house. Foundation slab

4. Storm run-off accumulation vessel

5. Circulating waterlines

250 people are already involved and this figure will only keep growing.


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